#8 Moments to remember 

On Saturday we performed our shows to the company for the first time. We had a full audience! It was finally the moment to present our month of hard work off.

The nerves I felt before were overridden with excitement, I guess because it’s been such a while since I’ve performed I was more excited to get on with it rather than nervous.

It all went so well, we had so many laughs at so many unexpected moments. There were lots of bits improvised that weren’t thought of in rehearsals, but once infront of an audience and feeling the energy it felt perfect.

Nothing could beat the feeling I felt once we finished both shows and took our bows and everyone clapped. I was left full of adrenaline for quite a while and I was shaking with happiness. It’s like I was suddenly dancing with the stars and I felt so alive. I can’t really explain it, apart from knowing I was answering my calling.

Since then we’ve began touring in Northern Germany. I finally feel like I’m proud of myself and I’m remembering to measure all my small successes.

Small successes such as making an audience laugh lots this morning…and knowing that this is the first piece of live theatre for a lot of these children.

One thing I’m realising is how endearing and adorable six year olds can be.

After the show yesterday the children queued up for our autographs on little cards they had prepared for us.

A little blonde girl walked up with a grin on her face, however no piece of paper for me to write on. She then brushed her fringe out the way and handed me a green felt tip pen and pointed to her forehead. I said ink isn’t very good to skin so I couldn’t sign her forehead, unfortunately she then threw a tantrum and started crying.

However, they’re so sweet! Another child told me I had a really pretty singing voice.

There’s a scene in the play where I look out ‘at Sea’ through a telescope and the children are just amazed, they start waving back at me and get excited.

After a performance I was carrying parts of the set from the stage to load the van and a group of girls were following me back and forth.

‘Monica (my character) do you have a boyfriend?’

‘Monica what is your favourite colour?’

‘Monica do you like cats or dogs?’

‘Monica do you like Germans?’

‘Monica, do you like unicorns?’

‘Monica, how old are you?’- The question that gets the biggest reaction I’ve come to find.

One of the girls came and stood beside me, just to identify how much taller she was at a fraction of my age.

I’m loving everything so far and I’m trying to remind myself how lucky I am to be doing this.

(Especially needed when we have 5am starts!)

I’m sitting playing scrabble with a lovely bottle of €2 red wine and couldn’t be any more content.


#6 Dreamer to believer

It’s freezing, it’s dark and dreary. I may have just walked through the murkiest puddle, missed my train and broken my umbrella… but I don’t care!

My smile is beaming from ear to ear and the spring in my step could bounce me off to Pluto. This….this is the feeling I’ve been chasing, and I’m going to cherish every moment of it.

I auditioned for an exciting theatre company in London last week and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something so much with every fibre in my body.

Sitting at my desk earlier and my phone rang, it’s an unrecognised number, and the call is located from Germany.

My mind starts racing, my hearts beating like a drum.

“Hi Anita, its Michael. How are you today?”

Frantically, trying to pretend I haven’t been eagerly awaiting his call: “Hi Michael, I’m good thanks..erm..erm how are you?” (Breathe Anita you crazy woman, breathe!)

Softly spoken and calm as ever, Mike goes onto say, “Thank you for auditioning for the company last week, we would like you to join our Germany and France tour.”

“What! Sorry, what! Are you sure, oh my good god! You’ve just made me the happiest girl! This is crazy, are you sure? Me!” (-Ramble ramble, stop rambling Anita!! I’ve never been great at playing things cool).

“Would you like some time to consider the position?”

“Oh my god no, no need to consider! I’m a 110%!This is a dream! Do you know I dreamed about getting this part! Not once, but twice!!”

I’m so cringe, keeping calm has never been my forté. …Dear god, he must think I’m batshit crazy! Although, he was exposed to my ditziness In the audition as I was awful during the warm up games. I couldn’t catch for toffee with my nerves.. He even told me ‘I was a gift’ when I kept forgetting the rules of our first exercise. (Palm face)..

Who’d have thought I would get picked! I hoped and prayed I would, but didn’t believe it would happen. I was up against some unbelievable talent, people that had graduated from accredited fancy drama schools..but they picked me!

Time to treasure this feeling, for its the step I’ve been wishing, waiting and working for.

A month ago I was negative as ever, overwhelmed with self doubt..and now I feel on top of the world. I’m making a promise to myself now, to not unpick it, overthink it or be pessimistic.

After my audition I dreamed twice about joining the company..little did I believe the dream would come true..

Six exciting weeks of family, friends and festivities… and then off to Germany I go!