#11 Smiling through Sleeplessness 

Another sleepless night as the suns was shining a little too bright,

The heat leaves me restless, I’m tossing and turning.

I’m not complaining, I’m just laying.

One leg hangs off the bed in attempt to keep my cool,

Followed by the breeze between the silhouettes of trees.

My garden skyline, stands gloriously green.

The same trees outside my window which I’ve admired as a little girl,

The same trees I’ve gazed at through snow and make my home, home.

Things aren’t exactly how I wish but I’m practising my gratitude,

All I have to be grateful for; an overwhelming list.

It’s twelve fifty three and I think of all those I love,

resting their heads on their pillows,

resting before another fleeting day,

They’re peacefully laying in their little pockets they call home,

They’re safe, they’re content,

Their world pauses and I breathe easy.

My heart is fulfilled and my home is quiet,

All these people that show me love,

All these people that are my world,

Thank you.


#3 I love…

I love..

I love when people say good morning; adding a sprinkle of optimism your way,

I love how I feel right after meticulously applying my lipstick; glam.

I love making teas and coffees for colleagues, knowing it brings them a little comfort during their day,

I love the way the forty-something old guy was carelessly beating his drum in the middle of Victoria square, oblivious to the people scurrying past him on their lunch breaks.

I love looking up at the sky getting lost in the clouds as I feel anxious moments alleviated,

I love the moment a stranger returns a smile, a fleeting moment before we separate ways,

I love turning the key in my front door and being greeted by my crazy canine

I love the moment I’m cosy in my pyjamas, safe and loved in my home.

I love the feeling of a hug that fixes all..


Insignificant as they may seem but they’re daily moments I love..                            

  Some say I love too much, but I love the way I love…and I want to love some more!