#10 Happy Momma bear day

Happy Mother’s Day precious mumma, here’s a few thoughts I had whilst flying through the sky.

She has a smile that can light up a room
Forever the storyteller, the hostess with the mostest

The positive free spirit who holds us all together,

She’ll always say “Oh I can make that easily” when sitting in a restaurant,

The first to the dance floor saying “this is my favourite song!” (to every song)

She’s my best friend and she knows everything,

Her heart to heart services are always open, she cares for all

Selfless, she doesn’t even realise it…

Incapable of drinking a full cup of tea, 4 sips is all.

Age is nothing but a number, a bungee jump is on her bucket list

Elephant, sunset and sky obsessed

She’s taught me beauty is skin deep, a smile the greatest accessory

Momma sprinkles kindness wherever she goes, always open hearted,

Doesn’t like fancies, family time is all she asks

A globetrotting wanderer always seeking adventure,

She insists dreams are to be fulfilled, my biggest supporter.

And her love and hugs have the ability to fix all.

Thank you for being my inspiration Mumma and for teaching me so much. You make me believe anything is possible and things will always be okay if we have eachother.
Most importantly showing me how to truly love