#7 Deleke

The German adventure has begun!

For the first month I’m living in a beautiful house in a little village called Deleke. It’s decorated with endless pictures of deer, there’s lots of pretty crockery and everything seems to be a glossy mahogany,  but it’s homely. And homely is always the most important thing. 

A moment away from the house there’s an idyllic view of a huge beautiful lake; which I intend to explore over the weekend. It’s huge and I’ve been told it would take a couple of days to walk around, so I plan to walk it partially and stop off at the bird sanctuary en route.

Mum always says home isn’t a place, it’s a place within you that you carry around. It’s only been five days but I’m beginning to feel at home with the lovely people I’m with. 

I’m sharing the house with 7 other actors, all of which have their own quirks, charms, accents and ways of cooking. I’ve been kept laughing and I’ve felt looked after with cups of teas and lots of remedies whilst I’ve had a stomach bug. They even surprised me with a birthday cake at dinner and some flowers.

I’ve already decided I don’t like shnitzel or pork unfortunately..which rules out a large percentage of German cuisine. Finding chicken proved difficult in the supermarket, I’m already attempting to make lentils with the only two Indian spices I could find.

I can’t quite believe I was faced with the fear of driving our tour minibus on the first day. (Please note there are 5 other people in the minibus during my lesson and I’ve been travelling since 2am with no sleep and it’s now 6pm!) 

Considering I’m 5ft (+1sometimes) and I feel like the Clio I drive at home is big.. I didn’t breathe much throughout my driving lesson. It’s so confusing driving on the other side of the road, I kept trying to grab the gear stick with my left hand..however I kept hitting the door as the gear stick is on the right!

Just as I became a little more comfortable,  the instructor shouts, “Okay, autobahn autobahn now!” I look at him like a deer in headlights.. autobahn is the motorway! So I’m now driving at 100kmph like a minion, but I did it without anyone screaming, so I shall use that as a measurement of success.

We’ve been rehearsing from 9-6 and then we come home cook together and rehearse a little more. Today we blocked the first part of our first show and learnt 6 songs along with choreography. 

The production meeting where the set designs were discussed along with our costumes left me so excited to begin touring next month.

My favourite moment so far? When I spotted my headshot upon the board at rehearsals, titled ‘2017 Actors’.

Not so favourite moment? Setting a pan on fire in the kitchen today and nearly singeing my housemates eyebrows.

Prost! – (Cheers in German!) X