#3 I love…

I love..

I love when people say good morning; adding a sprinkle of optimism your way,

I love how I feel right after meticulously applying my lipstick; glam.

I love making teas and coffees for colleagues, knowing it brings them a little comfort during their day,

I love the way the forty-something old guy was carelessly beating his drum in the middle of Victoria square, oblivious to the people scurrying past him on their lunch breaks.

I love looking up at the sky getting lost in the clouds as I feel anxious moments alleviated,

I love the moment a stranger returns a smile, a fleeting moment before we separate ways,

I love turning the key in my front door and being greeted by my crazy canine

I love the moment I’m cosy in my pyjamas, safe and loved in my home.

I love the feeling of a hug that fixes all..


Insignificant as they may seem but they’re daily moments I love..                            

  Some say I love too much, but I love the way I love…and I want to love some more!


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