#2 Train Travels…

I really adore long train journeys; being transported through towns, cities and villages. All the while wondering what their stories are.

Americano In hand, my favourite journal and ‘The power of now’- a guide to spiritual enlightenment and I’m ready to go.

No doubt I’ll read three pages of Eckhart Tolle and get distracted whilst bobbing along to my favourite songs.

I’m all relaxed and pondering whilst gazing out the window. This time of year is particularly pretty, seeing all the trees in their autumnal glory.

Sparkly eyed and feeling appreciative of  the endless fields of cattle grazing, fluorescent yellow rapeseed flowers and fluffy little lambs. Unfortunately I’m then overwhelmed with guilt of enjoying lamb burgers with mint sauce and fries.

The train’s racing against little cars on their winding roads and next we’re flying under bridges and over rivers. I look to my right and there’s a lake glistening in all it’s glory as the sun beams down through the grey clouds.

Just when I’m in awe of the highlands and endless greenery I’m at the next stop…       A city with a castle and birds soaring above.

There are fragments of joy to be found when unplugging and feeling unreachable. I’m in my own undisturbed  little world journaling away with my thoughts.

It’s fun to just breakaway for a week end and  the monotony of routine. It’s important to allow yourself to appreciate new surroundings and explore.

Granted it’s a little more difficult to tap into my little world daily  when rushing for my  routinely 7.57am train, I’m usually suffering with armpits above my 5ft 1 self.

It’s easy to feel a little trapped when rushing around in the rat race, but I feel a sense of free spiritedness when travelling some place new, a  feeling of freedom.

…Now I’m people watching, another hobby I’m pretty great at. I’m hearing different accents from people of all backgrounds, but at this present moment we’re all heading to the same place. All these people from different places are just reminding me how I’m a teeny tiny person in big world  with big dreams.

There’s a little four year old, messy pig tailed and dressed in pink, occasionally she peers over at me scribbling away and shares a little partially toothed smile. And then there’s a guy dressed in his comfies having a solo party with his dre beats, of course he’s completely oblivious of the prosecco fuelled hen party behind him.

We’re all on the same train sharing the same destination with different journeys.

Another three and half hours to go and the grey clouds are slowly disspearing much to my surprise. I’m not complaining however, there’s still so much to see out of this little window.

More greenery, luscious landscapes and an ever changing sky. The sky is always my favourite thing.

Happiness sure is fleeting, so I try and seek it in the smallest of things.

Excuse me for finishing with a slice of super-extra-mature-cathedral-city-cheese, but life really is all about the journey and not the destination.

Tartan scarf at the ready, a heart of excitement and already feeling cold…

Hello Edinburgh, nice to meet you!


#1 Travelling

A few months ago I had the amazing experience of backpacking in South East Asia. Recently I’ve found my mind drifting away, reminiscing on moments of  pure joy and bliss. Whilst laying in a Tree house surrounded by stars and the beautiful sea in Cambodia I felt serenity, peace, and an ecstasy I’m yet to relive upon returning to this fast paced society. I grabbed my journal, and my thoughts wouldn’t stop flowing.

Finding ants in places you shouldn’t,

These bites and bruises make us adventurers

Smiling at little things that make my heart happy

Remembering these small things are the big things

Feeling free, no mirror no make-up

Why can’t beauty be defined as such?

Laughing until our tummies hurt and gazing at endless stars

Cherishing every sunset and every sunrise

Sand in my toes, love in my heart

This is time, but it’s precious time.

Moments of slight fear, averted with humour from an amazing friend

Let it go, all those looming thoughts, it’s the prevailing that count,

It’s all going slowly, just as life should,

Taking it all in, embracing every sound,

From the crashing waves to the cricketing crickets,

Off we may go, back to our crazy minds..

But maybe, just maybe the peace may remain.

It’s too much to share, no photograph, no words can define.

Disconnected in the perfect way,

Samba sounds and serenades from the soul.

Endless trees, faces of smiles

We swam with sparkle, our bodies iridescent

The moon as bright as a beam,

One persons dream come true.

Laying in my hammock with Motown and more thoughts,

I’ve found a meaning with this endless dreaming,

Let me share this paradise of feeling free,

Pause this world a moment at a time..

Love everyone and everything

Love everything and everyone..

Whilst I patiently await the next sunrise.